Ware­house Manage­ment (WMS)

Epix-WMS is an efficient and rational warehouse management system with features required for world class warehouse management.

Epix-WMS has functionality for:

  • Dynamic and fixed pick locations.
  • Picking and distance optimisation.
  • Bondend warehousing.
  • Blocking of goods.
  • GS1/EAN codes.
  • GS1/Edifact communication.
  • Transport planning.
  • Printing of pallet labels and consignment notes.

Epix-WMS handles batch numbers, serial numbers and best before dates. Epix-WMS has functionality for full traceability of all events related to a product's status, location or quantity. Picking is optimised for the shortest picking routes. Epix handles picking of full pallets, picking from fixed or dynamic pick locations and picking for e-commerce. Handheld terminals, scanners and voice control equipment are supported.

Automated equipment such as picking robots, compact warehouses, conveyour belts and automatic cranes can be integrated with Epix-WMS.

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