Web pages, apps & HTML5

Noventus develops own software and applications tailor made for customers in responsive web and HTML5. The applications are published as web sites, web apps or apps for mobile phones. Noventus has built a large and flexible own code base which allows for advanced functionlity directly in web browsers running on all kinds of devices regardless of whether they run Windows, iOS, Android or other operating systems. In addition to Epix, our ERP, Noventus has created advanced customer portals and web shops which have been deeply integrated with order- and warehouse management systems, recept management systems and company web sites in HTML5.


Most HTML5 applications developed by Noventus are single page applications (SPA) which execute rich functionality directly in the web browser, enabling fast response times and desktop-like features, and communicate with REST-based APIs, which can also be used for integrations. Much of the technology Noventus uses for HTML5 is developed in-house, but here are a few examples of frequently used frameworks and technology:

  • C++
  • .NET
  • Entity Framework and SQL
  • REST
  • NodeJS
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • React
  • Redux