Enter­prise Resource Plan­ning

Finance system
Order, invoicing and sales support (CRM)
Warehouse management (WMS)
Time, salaries and expense reports
Purchasing and warehouse control
Third party logistics (3PL)
Project and task management
Recipe management
Automatic warehouses and AGV
B2B web shop
Supply chain

Epix is a comprehensive and fully integrated ERP system delivered as a standard product or customized to suit a customer's specific needs. Epix has extensive features to manage orders, contracts, campaigns, purchasing, production and inventory. Different owners of goods are supported in parallel for the entire supply chain. Systems with multiple warehouses and production units are held together effectively and the user always has full control and visibility of goods in stock and goods in transit between warehouses.

Epix comes in standard in Swedish and English, but can handle any language. Users choose the active language from a menu.

Epix is optimized for a high flow of goods and is capable of handling tens of thousands of orders per hour in real time.

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