Complete ERP and Warehouse Management (WMS)

Complete ERP and Warehouse Management (WMS)

Noventus aims to be at the forefront of software development. Based on experiences from a unique set of references, Noventus has developed the Enterprise Resource Planning system Epix, a system which is often more fully featured than systems from competitors of any size.

Epix is a modularized standard software with a focus on order management, warehouse management (WMS) and logistics. Epix can control a company's whole material flow, including functions such as purchasing, production, warehouse management, sales and distribution. Companies who use Epix increase delivery performance and reduce lead times, warehouse costs, productions costs, sales costs and cost of distribution.

Epix combines efficient logistics with modern information technology. Improved control of the flow of information leads to economy of scale benefits for administration, material planning and transports, less tied capital and real-time access to supplies. Sales can be handled locally, decentralized or over the internet, facilitating the best possible customer care.

The modular design allows a company to pick and choose features relevant to their current needs and then supplement as needed. Epix is easily integrated with external software.

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