Orders and Invoices

Epix-OIS (Orders and Invoicing) has functionality for administering customers and articles, registering orders, prices, agreements, discounts, campaigns, offers, calculating shipping costs, VAT for different countries, subscriptions and GS1/Edifact communication. Variants and structures are supported for articles. Reports are created for REPA costs and Intrastat trading. Delivery times are calculated based on information about customer orders, purchase orders, production and warehouse inventory. Invoices are sent with specified periodicity or together with the goods at the time of delivery. Financial transactions can be precoded prior to being transferred to the finance system.

Returns or reclamations can be paired with orders, delivery notes or invoices. Return notifications are sent to affected warehouse management systems.

Orders are registered using a client dialogue, integration with an external web shop, EDI messages or in the Epix B2B Web Shop, which is integrated to the order system in real time. Prices are based on vertical price lists, campaigns or suborder agreements.

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