Third Party Logi­stics (3PL)

Epix-3PL is used to handle articles for multiple product owners. Inventory management costs are calculated based on logistics events, which are recorded automatically or manually. Warehousing contracts define costs of various order services and warehouse management services such as storage charge, picking, receipt of goods, returns management, order entry, production, kit management and shipping. Invoices for services performed on behalf of product owners are generated periodically at specified intervals.

Additional services or expenditures can be registered in a fixed terminal or handheld terminal and serve as basis for invoices for product owners.

Shipping charges are calculated from properties such as the recipient country, ZIP code range, method of transportation, distance, weight interval and volume interval.

Owners of goods have access to the following using a web interface:

  • Creating orders.
  • Controlling order or product status.
  • Controlling product availability.
  • Updating product data.
  • Controlling third party logistics reports.
  • Tracking pallets, batches, orders, etc..
  • Controlling blocked goods.

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