Finance Systems

    EPIX-Financials effectively manages corporate and consolidated financial statements and provides full control of economy and finances. EPIX-Financials has functions for accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory lists. The financial system is fully integrated with Epix's order and purchasing system. Account codes are managed according to the BAS standard. Data can be imported to and from Epix-Financials with SIE format files.

Changes in value of stock in integrated warehouse management systems are booked automatically.

Financial records are registered in dialogues that are customized for customer invoices, receipts, supplier invoices, payments, accruals or general coding. A large number of accounting dimensions and sub dimensions are supported. Accrual is done per month, per quarter or for any chosen dates.

    Budgets can be registered for earnings and balance sheets. Custom templates with formulas can be defined.

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